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Carrier Direct Marketing are committed to meeting our clients needs as quickly and effectively as possible, and therefore each client is assigned their own Customer Account Manager who will liaise with the client and our operations team on a daily basis to ensure that all jobs are processed professionally and to the agreed timescales.

We understand the importance of building successful relationships with our clients and these are strengthened by regular client contact and meetings. Our team of managers have all been with the company for many years and have gained considerable knowledge on all aspects of the business.

Bob Carter

Bob Carter Length of Service: 23 years.
Job Title: Managing Director - CDM.
When not at work I am normally:
Outdoors, walking dogs, beach, cross country running, eating!
Last luxury item bought: New (ish) car.
Favourite place: Home.
Favourite quote:
We shall fight on the beaches... We will never surrender - Churchill.

Tel: 01271 336000
E-mail: Click here to e-mail Bob

Rachel Bater

Rachel Bater Length of Service: 14 years +.
Job Title: Senior Account Manager - CDM.
When not at work I am normally: I don't have time to sit down with two young children! However when I do have 5 minutes I like to keep fit, spinning, netball and gym. As a family we love the outdoor life and spend a lot of time on the farm.
Last luxury item bought: Leather Handbag.
Favourite place: Florence.
Favourite quote: 'Got enough Derv?' - said to my colleague when exiting motorway services.

Tel: 01271 336022
E-mail: Click here to e-mail Rachel

Chris Marin

Chris Marin Length of Service: 16 Years.
Job Title: IT Manager - CDM.
When not at work I am normally: Playing with my children.
Last luxury item bought: Guitar.
Favourite place: Narnia.
Favourite quote: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned for SEGA.

Tel: 01271 336004
E-mail: Click here to e-mail Chris

Alistair Bruce

Alistair Bruce Length of Service: About 18 years, on and off.
Job Title: Business Development Manager - The Carrier Group.
When not at work I am normally: Mountain biking, surfing, kayaking, hiking, motor biking and trying to tick off the ever growing Bucket List.
Last luxury item bought: Winter wetsuit.
Favourite place: There's just too many!
Either on the water, in the water or on the Alps.
Favourite quote:It's not the mouth it comes out of; it's the mind it goes into. - My girlfriend.

Tel: 01271 336009
E-mail: Click here to e-mail Alistair

Sam Loveday

Sam Loveday Length of Service: 4 years (or 12 years if you remove my sabbatical).
Job Title: Customer Account Manager - CDM.
When not at work I am normally: Working on my own publishing business. When I am not, I enjoy walking, especially up on Exmoor.
Last luxury item bought: iPad Mini.
Favourite place: The Almalfi Coast, Italy.
Favourite quote: D'oh!!!- Homer Simpson.

Tel: 01271 336007
E-mail: Click here to e-mail Sam

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Testimonial from TANY

For 2012 to 2015 Carrier Direct Marketing have produced the Tourism Association North Yorkshire's Visitor Guide. With their ability to do their job well, especially with novice clients like us, it was almost a forgone conclusion that we should ask them to produce our website. We were not surprised when they produced an excellent web site and within days it was ranking with the best on the search engine ladder. Thank you Carrier Direct Marketing and Clevera the web arm of the business.  direct marketing case studies

Chris Parkin
TANY Director


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