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20 years, 1993 - 2013 Since 1993, we have been developing our unique range of direct marketing services on behalf of a broad range of clients.

Whilst our services may have been changing to meet new challenges and technological advances, we have always responded to our clients trust in us by delivering incomparable standards of expertise and service.

We know that Direct Marketing is now more complex than ever before and offers the marketer many more opportunities to deliver their message more accurately, more personally and faster than ever.

At Carrier Direct Marketing we pride ourselves on working with our clients to deliver their needs, no matter how complex, efficiently and cost effectively. Testament to our standards of service is the fact that many clients have worked with us since the early days of the Company and year on year client retention has averaged over 95%.

Hopefully our client testimonials will give you a flavour of the human elements which go into making a successful business relationship: our friendliness, the expertise and our passion to help you succeed.

Our ambition is to continue to develop our expertise and services, in order that clients new and old can rely on Carrier Direct Marketing to deliver efficiently and effectively the objectives of their diverse marketing strategies.

Bob Carter

BOB CARTER, Managing Director

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Our team of managers have all been with the company for many years and have gained considerable knowledge on all aspects of the business.

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